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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hypocricte or just saying what we all think?

I am Posting this from another Forum, this isnt particularly Atheist or religious in any context. I thought I would post it, in the event that someone comments and points out if there is any connection to Atheism by way of inherent thought or action. This has been edited as to preserve the identity of the forum, and potentially the privacy of anyone therein.

I've been called a hypocrite for believe that I can write this and then expect anyone to believe me, that somehow I am attempting to control the internet. I know what I wrote, and I did not in anyway shape or form, write "YOU CAN NOT POST STUPIDITY". I do however write about "IF YOU DO POST STUPIDITY, BE PREPARED FOR THE CONSEQUENCES". If its in my presence and I can not get away from it, or if it serves a good purpose to show a correct line of thinking then yes I will do so. I do not know who is the bigger Hypocrite, if I am at all. Me for post what I did post or those who feel that they can shut me up, but its ok for them to spew their drivel?

FB is the dumping ground for Gossip, Drama, Nameless yet personal attacks [the use of "You know who you are" type attacks], Bullshit, Conspiracy Theories, Unfounded Accusations, Mindless drivel, its all there if you want to feed your mind with it...

The list goes on and on and on and...

That MAY be because the major demographic is youth, although, not exclusively youth that use FB. Anyone can spew any of the aforementioned list, doesn't matter if you are 16 or 65. I don't think Youth today drivel more then previous Generations, the issue is Youth are more hooked into Social Media and therefore the drivel is more prominent.

I understand getting something off your chest, and I understand people really pissing you [anyone of us...] off. If the worst is to brought out, it seems [here on **, anyways] that sex is what will do it, it shows us all our true colours. So what about FB? I have yet to see what FB's schtick is.

Part or some of the rules of Social Networks, unspoken or clearly written are, that if you post something, you open yourself to public criticism. Some people, and I see it more, over on FB then I do here, that people do not understand this, and get really defensive when someone else criticizes something on their page. If you Reblog/Like/Share/attach your name to it, you are endorsing it [Unless you comment otherwise, with the post]. In regards to this, I have taken my lumps, and I have learned the hard way, but I got here, as far as I have come so far. My FB page, if one takes a look is reasonably lean. As I learn about the sources I "Like" I tailor my page accordingly, I do not knowingly follow outright negative sources [Racist, Conspiracy Theorist Propagators, Mis-informationists, Hateful people/speech, etc...]

[it can be a bitch that, if your friends post on someone who is not your friend, that you can still see their comment to that person, so there becomes a wide and reasonably complete spectrum of whats going on]

I can very well speak on the issue of entitlement and self righteousness, and I am curious about the "rights" of people to use social networks. I keep in mind with what I am writing a thought "What did we do before social networks?"

Albeit this is nothing new with Social Networks, just make the issue much more amplified. My point that I am getting at is, do we hold a social responsibility to censor ourselves? Knowing full well that potentially the entire world could see what we have written. It is no longer so simple as "If you don't like it, don't look at it" where does one look anymore? "Don't like it, don't look" may be the result of only one or two people in terms of who's done what, but sometime that means, needing to remove themselves from a network all together, because of the trickle down effect, or 6 degrees of separation, meaning, just because Im not looking, no longer means, I wont see it 'cuz sure as shit, someone will feel the need to tell me about it. It's really become an issue of "Can people dance between the raindrops?" No one can, and in a technological age, no one can shut themselves off completely from the world. Tying back into entitlement and self righteousness...

Do people really think its ok to say what they want the rest of us need to put up with it, deal with it, etc...??? If that's not self righteousness I do not know what is and I would know because I am working on myself, that it exists within myself, to rid myself of this greed, and feeding my ego.
Gandhi says "Be the change you want to see in the world" I say "Become the change you want to see on the internet."

Understand there is a clear difference between being an Asshole/Bitch and defending my well being. I am entitled to defend myself, and this is what I am doing. You too will have your choice, which may include the use of an "Unfriend" button, depending on the Social Network, It may be titled differently.

So, in closing...

If appears on my feed because we are friends, I will weigh in on it. It took up my time to read it, I will take the time to rebutle, debate, converse, etc...