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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Layman's Quantum Theory

So, Quantum Theory...Some pretty heavy stuff found in the science of QT. Heavy in theory, light in subject matter, in my opinion. This entry is an interpretation of sorts of what I understand is being discovered, or what could be discovered in the future. Of all opinions, this entry is definitely an opinion, I don't know enough to state any facts here.

Keep this scientific fact in mind for this Entry. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conservation_of_energy

If everything is made of energy, then what happens to us after we die? Its not lights out, however, we may not recognize ourselves or understand that we are dead, we may not even understand what the world is through those ghostly/spiritual senses. So, I really don't think its lights out. We simply change form.

Is there a God? No, I really don't think there is. I think what we feel to be God is the accumulated mass of Spirits, eventually those positive and negative forces [Hell, Hel, The Underworld, etc...] have to balance each other out and we see "Miracles" not that all miracles can concretely be explained this way, some are just out right fraud [ie crying statues]. I accept that this perception may be a figment of my imagination and there is possibly nothing happening in this "Physical" world that is effected by these, Spirits.

As for spirituality? Chakras? The Minds Eye? I am wondering if we have the technology as of yet to determine the existence of these things properly. QT posses the theory that God could exist if certain criteria are met. So then, could Spirits, and possibly spirituality. It is possible or could become possible via QT that we are merely, Vessels of a Spirit, or even...wait for it...we are just not here at all, we never became physical at all, all this shit in the world, materialism, etc... the physical really is just a figment of our imagination. So then what are we really doing? Are we really just floating around and for shits and giggles all this is just some sort of "Hey, Joe, watch this"...Drops the Atomic Bomb. Remember, at the Subatomic level there is no difference between you and the computer or handheld that you are reading this blog on.

As I am writing this, here goes another direction...

If the above line of thinking is at all correct, then I hypothesize that Atheism is closer to the truth but then irrelevant because we are nothing but the original star dust we know we are made of. Closer by way of the fact that God really doesn't exist, but then Universe really is just mass, matter, dust, atoms, solar winds, intergalactic space, stars, planets...so then what is sentient life? How do we really know that we "exist" at all? This book that I am supposed to be reading [see early blog Entries] I am sure holds some of the answers I seek, I guess I am one of those thinkers that will take things one step farther, looking for a deeper question, deeper answers.

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