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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Disorder Du Jour

I had G+'ed and shared a post from this guy

https://plus.google.com/u/0/111608998445597712453/posts  +Mark Fredrick Graves, Jr.

He had posted his original post on, Religion as a mental disorder and this was my response.

Your Welcome. Fascinating idea. And I am an Atheist. I have also wondered about Religion and a Delusional state of mind given that the mind can not tell the difference between reality and thought. The conscious mind's comfort level with perceiving absolutely anything, which makes religious dogma so much easier to force feed to most people. I think you are on to something about what is a "religious brain" now, what about the flip side of the coin, what is going on with a brain that doesn't have these seizure's at all? Is it related to be agnostic, atheist, freethinkers, etc...Keep up the great work.

It seems to me that we are making headway in the realm of science showing us what we may have been thinking all this time, though, up till now [possibly now] could only throw around in the heat of the moment, in fits of anger as an insult. Id like to hear from my followers. I think we are establishing good roots into the study of, Religion as a mental disorder, but, I want to take a look at, non religion as a non disorder, so to speak. In other words, that we are mentally healthy if we are non religious.

Addendum June 2 2013


What would you like me to say? If anything? This study potentially extends FAR beyond Religious Fundamentalism. This is not the original Article I found on this study, but this is the one I found right now to post here.

Please feel free to write me.