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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Being Jobless certainly sucks

        This past Tuesday turned into my last day of work, due to plant closure. At this point in time I have no idea whats going to happen to the company. May stay closed all together, may re open else where...may go the States.

        It sucks not having a job, and I hate whoring myself out to the highest bidder. Although, at the moment with NO Job, I'll let any prospective employer fuck me with out kissing me...Minimum wage is all the rage.

        It sucks hard enough not having a job. Having a certain level of clarity and my skepticism telling me this is simply the way things are right now, its tough on everyone, in a lot of ways, we really haven't left 2008. For my own self preservation, or "checking" my fail safes as it were, to make sure I understand for myself what I believe and why I go it "solo" I question..."God's will?" Well is it? Am I absolutely sure this is just the way the world is going, at the moment? The economy? Politics? Profits? Bottom line? Maybe with this clarity, it shows a cold hard reality, that tough really is shit fucking tough, life pulled the stops out the day you were fucking born, and serves reality ice cold.