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Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Solid Work Ethic and /r/atheism

A long time ago, or so it seems...when I was still a teen, my Dad had to verbally lash me about how to look for a job, I can say that it was not really taught well in school. Two things he taught me that have remained with me, and I hold very dear to me: First, When looking for a job, hand that Resume in until they are so sick and tired of you that the only way they will get you to stop, is to hire you. Second, Do your very best, do your best to the point that if a layoff has to happen, it hurts like hell for the employer to let you go.

I can not say that I see God in any of this. I can not say that I feel the need to see or feel that God is apart of me or my, work ethic. I do what I do, because of the pride it gives me. I do it for the average person, the "Joe blow nobody" that's just like you and I, that will purchase the final product. My drive to do my job is high, Im a self starter by the sweat of my brow, I love to put my back into it, so that at the end of the day, I feel, I feel it in my body that I actually did something, I gave a value to someone else's life.

A final note for this Entry is a big thank you to the Redditers out there that are reading my, Blog. Whats my stats of my blog, you guys are bumping my sources from reddit into the top 5, consistently, your enjoyment of my blog means a lot to me. Thank you, Reddit and the followers of /r/atheism.