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Friday, January 17, 2014

Starting off on the correct foot

I have bought 3 books for my kids:

I wonder, Annaka Harris
i wonder annaka harris

Our Family Tree: An Evolution Story

What do you believe,

 So far I have read the first two to my son, who is currently 4 1/2. I will start reading to my daughter shortly, she is 15 months now.

I wonder:

 This book is a really easy read, and not too long to read to younger children. It sets up quite nicely for the Atheist parents, the child's ability to start asking questions and as it is in the book, asking "I don't know." The parent can from there answer the questions with the wondering thinking, seeding their child's mind, giving the child the freedom to think for themselves. The Illustrations are really nice, easy for children to look at and see. The pictures are not busy and bright and loud at all.

Our Family Tree:

 This one is probably a good choice for the next step. It will blend nicely with wondering, and the child can continue wonder about what is presented in this book. The book is laid out in chronological order with a short "Story" about each step of evolution. Again, an ease read with a slight poetic quality to it. The illustrations are a little more mature, more realistic for the aging child, and still go for the kindergartner as well. At the end of the book there is a Glossary of each step of evolution that talked about, it goes into a little more depth, this would be great for the older child. My Son right now, has no interest in sitting through the Glossary.

 Both books I would highly Recommend for an Atheist or non believing parent. These books I see will help me out greatly, being a guide to life's questions.

 Currently both my son and daughter go to a xtian daycare. Its the only place that my Ex wife can afford, even with a subsidy. So both my kids are geting enough xtianity through out there day. Although, its not overtly xtian, there is still enough God spoken about, I need to combat that with skepticism and science.

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