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Sunday, December 2, 2012

How Atheist are you?

        I get a sense of degrees of Atheism, I mean if there is degrees of Theism, then why not degrees of Atheism? Also as I follow blogs of Atheists and Skeptics alike, I am beginning to see that there are degrees of just about everything, and the discrimination to follow. Does it really matter if Joe Atheist down the street is as hard line as you about Science and the Universe? And Transversely? I may be becoming a pretty solid Atheist, but as far as Skepticism goes? Not so much...or the way I am Skeptical, I do ask more questions now then I have in my past, I don't dive head first into Conspiracy bullshit, I am growing used to weighing situations or even to sleep on them, let them stew and see what happens. So to add it all up, maybe as of yet, I am not so hard line as others, but you have to give me credit where it is due.

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