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Sunday, September 1, 2013


22 pairs of chromosomes
23 and then 24 pairs of chromosomes

Humans have 23 pair of chromosomes, any less, and we would not be human. Any more, depending on the chromosomes that were duplicated could mean, Downs Syndrome as one possibility. I'm not talking about syndromes or diseases, Im talking about different or non replicated pairs. As it is right now, Gorillas and Chimps have 24 pairs, and Dolphins and rabbits have 22 pair.1 These are just some examples of more or less Chromosomes.

What do we know from our evolutionary line and where we may go. Homo-
What is the next step? what does 46 & 2 mean? Is the next step Mental? Emotional? Physical? All of the above?

Ok, so we came from Primate ancestors, we are who we are now, and we will become??? What is that next step? I have no idea, though I am attempting to form a layman's explanation of what could be. My Hypothesis? I guess I don't really have one, at least not a single hypothesis, because I have so many ideas about what our next step could be, and when it will happen. If we are here at 2.3 million years of evolution from Homo Habilis, is it going to be another 2.3 mil years before another change happens or are we in the middle of one right now?2 Would we know we were changing if we were in the middle of it?

What determines a change will happen?
Lots of things like, Environment [Diet, adaptation], circumstances, etc...
I think its a safe assumption there will be a physical change, but what about a mental or emotional change as well? Will we be more enlightened as time goes on and as an additional benefit we will not be doomed to repeat all the same mistakes over and over again. I propose that as much as physical change will happen, more over will be the mental and emotional. [will fill this section out in time as I can form this part of my hypothesis]. I question though, that if more chromosomes are added will it change us into anything like these other animals? not likely. I do think it could be possible to figure out a mathematical probability of what we could look like, over hundreds of thousands of years. Think of applying the computer programs used to age missing children...why couldn't we use it on a much larger scale? We have to a degree, in that I know we will have larger foreheads in 10's of thousands of years, ok great, lets take it beyond that, based on what we know now.

 Yet our DNA would have changed from Homo Habilis, to Modern Human. I think I heard somewhere it changed only 2 percent in 1 or 2 million years. If that's it for lets say 1 million years, maybe we can not project what we will look like or what we will become. Now, that I think of it, there are too many variables, because we do not know what new Chromosomes we will have or any existing ones might change.

What I find interesting about this link is that Carl Jung first came up with this idea. As far as the founding fathers of psychology goes, I don't think there is a definitive Author. I think we know much more then they did at that time, so I am not saying that Jung is credible. What I am saying, is that over the course of time [centuries from the likes of Plato] up to our modern Psychologists, Jung did explore this idea even in brief, meaning it happened on the way to bigger and better ideas, and it had to happen to create the next thought. As of yet I do not know which publication of his this idea is found in. If you know where I can find I would like to know. I think there is just enough credibility to this idea based on the facts we know about where we came from, and that suggests there is a "we will go to" or "we will become" hypothesis.

Check back frequently on this one, I am going to post and then update as I go along with this one. I will make this my notes/final paper. An Evolution in and of itself. Anything you wish to add please do and always feel free to comment. My idea for this entry is big so it going to take me a long time to finish, but maybe it never finishes, maybe its not meant to finish.

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