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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Reverse Atheism


The Above Link I think everyone should watch. As one can make the mental leap, I am not Religious, HOWEVER, if it is what you choose for you life and you know how to keep it in check/being respectfull around others, then by all means, believe in whatever you choose.

I dont look at FN beliefs as Religious, even though its all myths, what FN have going for them is, they acknowledge they are myths and legends. Stories to explain how they came to be.

As a White Man, myself, I am ashamed that I didnt know most of what is in this Video, but as she mentions, "Truths they dont like to talk about", it wasnt a big part of History in school, until my Grade 9 History Class, my Teacher bold as brass, held nothing back, he said it as it was "We raped them of what was theres" what was theirs just by the fact that they really are one with nature, they are one in the same. We forced them on to the shittiest land we could find, because our Kings and Queens were doing the same to us back home in Europe. Do you feel better now? Feel like a bigger Man for it? There comes a point where I have to say, this is fucking rediculous, enough is enough, I am idle no more.